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Our specialty is designing a workout that is specific to the needs of your body through on on on instruction or small group mat classes. For more information about how our instructors can you help you, give us a call at 847-735-1499.

Picture of Agnes Michalski

Agnes Michalski

Agnes is a fully certified Pilates Instructor and owner of Pilates of Lake Forest Inc. Trained by Juanta Lopez and Romana Kryzanowska, she earned her instructor credentials in 2003. Prior to earning her Pilates instructor certification, Agnes studied physical therapy in Poland.

Picture of Anna Kuriata

Anna Kuriata

Anna is a certified Pilates instructor. As a Power Pilates certified instructor, Anna's developed a deep understanding of Pilates and how to teach it. She knows what to look for in a client's body to determine when to progress. Clients who workout under the instruction of a "Power Pilates" instructor experience a successful safe quality pilates experience.

Picture of Kasia Brzychcy

Kasia Brzychcy

Kasia is a Power Pilates certified fitness instructor. Pilates has always been her passion. Kasia is originally from Poland. She is very passionate about fitness and wants to share that love with others who aspire to become a better and stronger version of themselves. Kasia has experience working with a wide variety of people through many different fitness domains including weight loss, strength, conditioning and injury prevention. Kasia enjoys taking long walks and spending playtime with her son.

Picture of Alenka Faguer

Alenka Faguer

Alenka is an Authentic Pilates teacher, fully certified by the United States Pilates Association® LLC. Trained by Simona Cipriani and Brett Howard, she continues to study the Pilates method with Kathi Ross-Nash and Dana Santi. Prior to moving to the Lake County she was working in a classical Pilates studio in Paris and in her own home studio in the Parisian suburbs. She loves traveling with her husband, and they have lived in many different countries with their two sons.

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